Commercial premise Pego
300€ (£ 270 approx.)
Ref.SYCS-230400 | Mir121219
Reference: 230400 - Mir121219,  Size: 100m²,  Usable size: 95m²,  Floor: Street level,  WCs: 1,  Location: Partially exterior,  Ceiling height: High,  Type of ceiling: Plaster,  Walls: Flat,  Floors: Stoneware,  Type of windows: Wood,  Availability: Unoccupied,  Equipment: Water, Light,  Environment: Street,  Number of separated areas: 2,  Front width: 3.00m.,  Display width: 2.00m.,  Rental bond: 600€,  Handicapped access: Yes,  Comunity fee: (community fee included).
INMOSYCS Bº La Venera, s/n. (km.195. N-611) 39477 Oruña de Pielagos. (+34)942.575.267 (+34)639.758.110